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Elizabeth A. R. Brown | Politics and Institutions in Capetian France

Elizabeth A. R. Brown | Politics and Institutions in Capetian France

Ref: FD00001311

Variorum ; 1991 ; 1 vol. 258 P. index (155 x 230 mm) ; Relié, toile bleue en bon état. Pages intérieures très propres. Livre en anglais. Quelques rousseurs sur la tranche de tête. ; Elizabeth A.R. Brown, Professor of History at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA The nine essays in this volume by Elizabeth Brown deal with the development of representative institutions and monarchial power in Capetian France. One topic covered is that of the evolution of central assemblies, with case studies of the assemblies held between 1316 and 1321 illuminating the impact of theory on practice. A second topic is that of the moral implications of fiscality and of the attempts by French monarchs to regulate their policies by the teachings of moral philosophy. A particular theme is the Capetians' insistence on reform as a central theme of good government, and their successes and failures living up to their principles. The articles also examine the realm's reactions to the monarchy's ideals and principles, emphasizing and attempting to account for the differences in attitude to government on the part of the ruler and ruled that distinguished medieval France and England. ; EAN: (10C1)

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